Shining Online


Commit Log

  • Ty

    Town now has simple scrolling and display.

    Ty committed at 11:57

  • Ty

    Fixed screens to remove ScreenManager requirement in constructor. Improved OfflineTownScreen to now have a (very bad) scrolling map.

    Ty committed at 14:39

  • Ty

    Fixed a few file exclusion problems in make-resources. Hopefully these can be moved to a blitzbuild script in time.

    Ty committed at 14:38

  • Ty

    Cleaned up launcher code.

    Ty committed at 22:31

  • Ty

    Cleaned up client source.

    Ty committed at 22:30

  • Ty

    Cleaned up the story service and story info serialization.

    Ty committed at 22:16

  • Ty

    Finished changing major includes to imports (with the exception of game.bmx, as doesn't really need to be an import). Moved several screens from "states" to "screens".

    Ty committed at 10:30

  • Ty

    Removing unused files, and rewriting screens to use imports instead of includes.

    Ty committed at 15:14

  • Ty

    Couple of minor changes before a big source re-write (changing includes to imports)

    Ty committed at 14:04

  • Ty

    Lots of changes: ...

    * Added support for sodaware.blitzmax_debug module, and will output to Pangolin console if required * Added support for directory listener (debug_message_handler.bmx) * Added support for Pangolin console commands (core/console_commands) * Various screen changes, mostly to do with scaling issue

    Ty committed at 13:30

  • Ty

    Major changes: ...

    * Removed lots of shared online code, as it has moved to Pangolin.Networking * Fixed a few bugs with the story service. * Fixed a few bugs in the launcher, but still won't launch the app correctly (as pub.freeprocess changed

    Ty committed at 10:10

  • Ty

    Updated the todo list scanner to latest version.

    Ty committed at 13:58

  • Ty

    Updated StoryService to serialize story info from an ini file. A little flaky, and will probably change later.

    Ty committed at 13:58

  • Ty

    Added "todo.php" script for scanning source files for todo items.

    Ty committed at 12:07

  • Ty

    Updated game to reflect changes in Pangolin. Events are now emitted after creation, instead of being pushed to a queue. Also removed event constants from Game class and moved to GameEvents class to remove Game dependency.

    Ty committed at 16:18

  • Ty

    Added story intro screen to main game. Very rough name input. Modified several other files with improved appearances and functionality.

    Ty committed at 22:14

  • Ty

    Update to shared network library. Again, very rough code, and some source files are completely empty and others are not used yet. Sorry.

    Ty committed at 10:45

  • Ty

    Fixed small bug in world server, where registration skipping short name was ignored (due to lower case definition in application options metadata).

    Ty committed at 10:43

  • Ty

    Major client update - mainly to get the repository up to date with all the local changes. ...

    Added "Net" sub-folder, which deals with network code. Contains message handlers, which are the client side way of dispatching incoming messages to sub-classes. This keeps things relatively clean. Also added "ServerConnection" class, which is a wrapper to a server. It's quite probable that a lot of this code will move to a separate package eventually, or to the "shared" lib. Added "services" folder, which handles game services. These are objects that manage objects or functionality that doesn't want to be static/global. This way a module can be passed a service to make its dependency clear, as opposed to calling a method on a global object or a static function. Added more screens and states. These are Pangolin based "GameScreen" objects. They need to be placed in the "screens" folder eventually - "states" is just a holding ground. NOTE: There is some super-rough code in this commit. It works, but only just, and there is test code scattered around. You have been warned ;

    Ty committed at 10:35

  • Ty

    Small update to gateway server. Nothing major, but code is starting to need a major cleanup.

    Ty committed at 10:28

  • Ty

    Modified SimpleServerApi module to contain "encode_url" function, which will probably be removed or renamed in future versions. Removed static methods from AccountServerApi, and updated methods to use SimpleServerApi functionality.

    Ty committed at 16:00

  • Ty

    Updated Launcher to use GTK on Linux, due to unexplained crashes with the FLGTK library. Tweaked some of the form code to make it easier to read.

    Ty committed at 15:46

  • Ty

    Fixed bug in world_server.bmx when checking for registration skipping.

    Ty committed at 11:14

  • Ty

    Updated SimpleApi module, removing static methods and making it a base class to be inherited. Will create a query line, connect to a server and download data into a tmap with one call. Can also translate a tmap into a type instance using reflection.

    Ty committed at 12:11

  • Ty

    Added option to the World Server to skip registration with the Gateway Server. This is mainly for local testing, but could also be used for LAN networks or "unofficial" servers.

    Ty committed at 12:00

  • Ty

    Fixed horrible, monstrous, time-consuming bug in api_base.php, caused by not using the same code for the public testing interface and actual api. Very annoying, but now sorted.

    Ty committed at 21:39

  • Ty

    Modified World Server to use GatewayServerApi instead of AccountServerApi (which will eventually be removed). Extracted most of the api functionality to "SimpleApi" class, which takes care of constructing URI's, sending data to server and receiving it in a nice fashion.

    Ty committed at 18:41

  • Ty

    Fixed (another) bug in Subversion revision grabbing script. Update resource creation script to have optional "quick" mode, which will skip pngcrush steps.

    Ty committed at 09:41

  • Ty

    Two updates: ...

    * Updated unit tests to use PHPUnit2 instead of SimpleTest - this was due to SimpleTest failing PHP E_STRICT checking/ * Renamed "so-launcher.php" to "update_server.php" to reflect its purpose

    Ty committed at 12:52

  • Ty

    Housekeeping: ...

    * Added SimpleApi type to parse data from update/gateway server api. * Renamed "LauncherApi" to "UpdateServerApi", and moved update checking functionality to api. * Added "UpdateInfo" type instead of using 4 variables. * Renamed a few variables/functions to make more sense

    Ty committed at 20:02

  • Ty

    Added gateway server to project repository. Rough as a dog, but works.

    Ty committed at 17:03

  • Ty

    Updated build scripts.

    Ty committed at 16:02

  • Ty

    World server can take incoming connections from clients and the gateway server. Registers itself with the gateway server and responds to pings. Will also authenticate client machines that are logging in.

    Ty committed at 16:02

  • Ty

    Client can contact a world server with their ticket and be verified. Very shaky architecture, but it works at the moment.

    Ty committed at 15:58

  • Ty

    Logging in from the launcher now works at a basic level. Will contact server, obtain a login ticket and get a list of available world servers. Will pass the ticket to the client.

    Ty committed at 15:57