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Development Status

Development Status


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Lines of code 52,838
Time worked 732 hours 37 minutes
Total tasks 1614
Finished tasks 784

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Status Updates

  • Ty
    Basic battle loop is now working. Enemies can be selected for attack, a placeholder cutscene shows, and then damage is applied. Enemies with 0 health are destroyed. Next up is adding XP and a nicer cutscene.

    2020-12-08 20:50:07

  • Ty
    Barrels (and other containers) are now working, and they can contain either items or gold. Items automatically go to the next free character slot, or are left in the container if all hands are full.

    2019-09-17 19:34:42

  • Ty
    Added roaming NPC's to towns. They behave pretty closely to the ones in Shining Force II and have full collision detection.

    2019-03-17 22:35:00

  • Ty
    Battle loop is finally up and running! Still need to add some actual gameplay, but the foundations are there and working.

    2019-03-13 18:02:53

  • Ty
    Spent far too long working on the UI system, but it's finally coming together. Can define layouts via a file and dynamically bind them to game data.

    2018-11-24 14:51:32


Milestone 1 - Basic Town


Walk around town

Shining Force 2 style camera

Use doorways to move around

NPC's that talk

Inspectable items

Move to other levels

Milestone 2 - Characters


View team member list

View individual team member's status

View team member's magic

View team member's items

Have a character join

Milestone 3 - Items


Equip weapons and armour

Drop items

Give items to other team members

Pick up and receive items

Milestone 4 - Better NPC's


Working priest (revive, cure, promote and save)

Working shop (buy, sell, repair and deals)

NPC's that walk around

NPC's that follow a specific path

Milestone 5 - Basic Battle


Spawn enemies and characters

Spawn enemies via script

Display movement range

Basic battle loop

Basic AI

Lose the battle when leader defeated

View enemy details

Milestone 6 - Improved Battle


Gain XP from defeating monsters

Level up when enough XP reached

Use items in battle

Use magic in battle

Basic attack scenes

Different win conditions (e.g. defeat enemy boss)

Milestone 7 - Improved Town


Cut scenes (eep!)

Weather effects

Time of day effects

Use items out of battle

Milestone 8 - Quests


Receive quests

Screen to show quest progress

Working quest progression

Quest rewards

Milestone 9 - Polish


Working save system

Cursed items

Curse removal

Poison effect

Poison removal

Joypad support

Milestone 10 - Basic demo content


First town


First battle

Second town

Milestone 11 - Battle polish


Magic attack scenes


Land effects for attack and defence

Battle events (spawn enemies after X turns etc)

Working status effects (frozen, blinded etc)

Enemies that drop items when defeated

Milestone 12 - More demo content


Second battle

Third battle

Third town

Fourth battle

Fifth battle

Milestone 13 - Demo polish


Intro screen

Title screen

Load/save screen

Credits screen