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June 20th, 2002 14:04 Project News

Small site update and more!

Yup, the Shining Online website has been updated! Not much has been added, but you might want to check out the character and gallery sections (and maybe even the development diary)

Now, while you’re all busy looking at the new stuff, I shall now tell you the bad news…

As you know, Demo 4 is scheduled for release on July 1st, to coincide with the release of the new Shiny Sword demo and the re-release of Shining Force World. However, we’re quite far behind development wise, and (to be quite honest), it looks unlikely that we will make the deadline.

This is as disappointing for us as it is for you, but we want this demo to be the best. Demo 3 was not particularly stunning, and it was rushed to make the deadline. As such, it contained bugs and was too small. We won’t make the same mistake again. Demo 4 will not be released until it is perfect (or as close as we can get it). Hopefully you’ll appreciate the extra effort that is going into this demo.

Well, enough jabbering, I have some programming to do!

Posted by: Ty

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