Shining Online

June 2nd, 2002 14:08 Project News

Some minor update…

I suppose I should make it look like I’m hard at work :)

Demo 4 is coming along quite nicely, and a lot more effort is going into this one. It should be as “Shining Style” as we can manage, though there’s still much to be done.

So far the maps are ready, and the enemies are being drawn. This demo will feature so much more than the last one, and should actually showcase what we’ve achieved. Aside from that, it should also fix most of the bugs from the last demo.

Online wise, I haven’t really coded much, as I really want to get the offline engine working perfectly before I start the more complicated (but more fun) side of the coding.

Also, I’d like to say a very, VERY big Thank-you to all of the people who have supported Shining Online all this time. We’ve now had nearly 1200 downloads (740 being for demo 3 alone!), and interest seems to be growing every month. Thanks for your support! (especially everyone at TSS ;) )

Well, enough rambling from me. You can expect some more updates now I’ve started work again. Yes, I shall be working on through the World Cup AND the hot sunny British weather :P

Posted by: Ty

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