Shining Online

November 5th, 2002 13:24 Project News

Shining OnLAN?

Yep, as anyone who gets the newsletter would have known yesterday, a special LAN edition of Shining Online is currently being developed by the Good Ty. We hope to have it completed within the next two weeks, giving us plenty of time to iron out the kinks in the battle system and generally have a good time insulting and hacking each other to pieces.

As I said in the newsletter, this multiplayer edition will not be made available to the general public, although we will probably release some lovely screenshots of us insulting each other in our favourite ways. Great stuff.

Keep the faith!

Edit: I forgot to mention this – for those who want to subscribe to future issues of the newsletter, send an email to with “subscribe newsletter” somewhere, either in the subject or main body, and I’ll make sure you get the next issue along! :)

Posted by: Newts

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