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October 30th, 2002 13:24 Project News

Newsletter and news…

It’s a bit odd that I’m posting news about a newsletter… oh well, this is just to let our subscribers know the latest edition of the Shining Online newsletter will be released on Monday, hopefully with none of the annoying glitches that have plagued us in the past :P

For all those people pestering us about the Demo 4 release, stop it! We’re both still working out little cotton socks off to get the demo finished as soon as we can, and as I said in the interview [in the articles section, if you’ve not already read it :P] I think a December release is certainly a realistic expectation, bordering on sensible :P

Ty and myself interviewed Devlyn yesterday, so we hope to have that uploaded for your delight in the very near future, and we also have a whole load of interviews planned :)

That’s about all my news I think, keep the SO faith!

PS Congratulations to Dev for managing quite some updates recently :P

Posted by: Newts

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