Shining Online

April 24th, 2009 14:10 Development Diary

Project Update – April 24th, 2009

Despite it being nearly six years since the last release of Shining Online, work is still continuing.

Actually, I think I just frightened myself a little by working that out.

The current plan of action is to complete much smaller milestones at a faster pace. Instead of trying to finish the whole game in one go, little sections get worked on and (internally) released.

Today marked the completion one of these milestones, so it’s time for a little progress update.

So far things are coming along nicely. There’s been a few major “real life” things keeping me away from the keyboard, but the project still has momentum.

There’s nothing playable just yet, but I’ve got some of the basic game structure together. There’s been a few experiments with weather and time effects that turned out well.

The real challenge now is to get something playable up as soon as possible, so the gameplay can be tweaked and made fun. The first step is getting maps working, followed by having some animated sprites moving around on the screen.

Tiny Updates

Seeing as everyone else on the planet seems to be blathering about Twitter, I signed up for an account. Now you can get tiny progress updates without having to read too much.




Quick Stats

Seeing as the new mantra is “start small”, there’s not a lot to show right now.


    • 23 source code commits
    • 3,000 lines of code
    • 3MB of raw image resources
    • 92 pages on the project wiki


See you in another six years ;)

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