Shining Online

December 23rd, 2008 13:28 Development Diary

A little Christmas present

It’s not a demo I’m afraid, but a tiny glimpse at what’s going on with Shining Online. Despite being pretty much silent for the past year or so, we’re still working on it. It’s very slow going, but if all goes to plan there’ll be a lot more action next year. I’m sure I’ve said that every year, so no promises ;)

Anyway, below is a little screenshot of the current Shining Online website. We’re using a wiki to keep our notes and ideas together, which also acts as a complete reference of the game world. The light version of the main site will go live in the second quarter of next year, and after that updates should be a little more frequent. Hope you like the design!

The Amazing Shining Online Wibsite
[Click for Bigger]

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