Shining Online

October 27th, 2002 12:20 Development Diary

Worklog – October 27th, 2002

Wow, haven’t been keeping up to date, have I? Sometimes I get a little suprised by just how long SO has been dragging itself along. Anyway, here’s some updates!

  • Finished Skies Of Arcade. It’s really quite good, so buy it for your DC (and the GameCube version too!)
  • Sliced more guff out of the source code, speeding the game up a tad. Plus it made me feel better. You learn a lot of coding tricks in a year, and the source is beginning to how it’s age.
  • Got a nice installer working, which should prevent people from getting errors with the new demo. I hope.
  • Added some new functionality to the website (not online yet though =P ), as well as some integration with the game. I’m quite proud of that bit.
  • Wrote 26 pages of design doc. Not a lot really, but I’m not very good at writing lots of guff.
  • Added some of the cameo sprites, but I’m still waiting for more (*hint hint!*)
  • Did lots of university work =\
  • Started the mammoth task of finishing the level editor, and adding “Super Mega Event Editor”
  • Released a demo of Sonic Groove (Here)
  • Thought about canning SO. Quite liked the idea, too!
  • Canned SO (see news)
  • Realised it was a bad joke.
  • Newts wrote more music.
  • And more music.
  • Got hassled to release the next demo. When it’s ready, you fiends!

I should really get back to work now. Hope you enjoyed this rather poor update!

June 19th, 2002 12:19 Development Diary

Worklog – June 19th, 2002

What’s an update? Plenty has been done, so here goes…

  • Changed the backbone of the game structure, making it a lot more versatile. Took a bloody long time but should be worth it in the long run. Source code is now readable too.
  • Drew some nice graphics, like more enemies and townsfolk (mostly drawn by Newts though).
  • Started adding some tasty new effects, though they won’t be in the demo.
  • Completely re-wrote and re-designed the development environment…because I got bored. Looks much better now and is far better, allowing more complete control over the game.
  • Changed some weather effects to look better. Which they do.
  • Added a fullscreen/windowed mode selector. Fullscreen mode is far superior, but some people can’t run it…
  • Played lots of Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2. Finished Grandia 2, need to play more Arcadia.
  • Prettied up the windows.
  • Spell Icons redrawn by Newts.
  • Music re-recorded by Newts.
  • Listened to some punk music.
  • Started major work on demo 4, and watched stress levels go ballistic.
  • Fixed some more minor niggles, and cleaned more source code. Again, it’s more readable than before, plus it’s a little faster.
  • Realised (again) that for the amount of time I’ve had, I’ve done very little..

March 15th, 2002 12:19 Development Diary

Worklog – March 15th, 2002

Been a while. And yes, I have been working…just not as hard as I should =P

  • Added more compression, managing to keep the entire game pretty small so far. Which is also nice.
  • Started adding some of the more fundamental battle system components. Like enemies.
  • Drew some more enemies (1 VERY cool enemy), and had lots of lovely weapon submissions (Thanks to Valderin, Sir Phill and Chris D for those).
  • Added more to the title screen, and is now more functional.
  • Layed the foundations for more online options – good ones too.
  • Stripped the source code of all the junk that’s accumulated in the last few versions (demo 3 was about version 12 – now on version 16)
  • Fixed a few bugs, and tweaked here and there.
  • Realised that for the amount of time I’ve had, I’ve done very little..

January 2nd, 2002 12:18 Development Diary

Worklog – January 2nd, 2002

Not a lot…

  • Wrote some compression routines – shrinks maps up to 2% of their original size. Which is nice.
  • Tested a few more online options.

December 31st, 2001 18:08 Development Diary

Worklog – December 31st, 2001

That’s right, I even work on New Year’s Eve…

  • Put in the new title screen, complete with menus.
  • Improved load/saving.
  • Added a character chooser.
  • Played with some online stuff. It worked ;).
  • Generally messed around with the code…