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February 9th, 2003 13:01 Project News

Some news

I’m sure you were all hoping that demo 4 was going to be released today, but I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait a little longer :P

Uni work has taken much of my time recently, but I’m trying to do some work on the demo. At the moment I’ve got a nice list of things that need fixing, so I’m plugging away at that. There’s also several features that I want to add before release. None are particularly special, but I won’t be happy until they’re in. Thanks for sticking with us and being patient, we realise how annoying it is to wait for something.

Aside from that, I’ve been working on the multiplayer aspects of the game. All the multiplayer modes are now designed, and it’s just a case of sorting out a few major details before I can start working on them. I hope to have screens of Newts and myself battling in the next few weeks.

SODA continues to grow, and I’m currently overhauling some of it’s core elements. More screens of that should be ready soon too. I’m quite pleased with how it’s looking, though more pleased with the programming that I’ve done to get it this far. It should be a pretty hefty piece of kit when it’s finished, though I’m still unsure as to whether it will become publicly available. Most of the features could cause an unfair advantage to some players (as well as causing errors online), so it’s something of a risk I’m not happy about taking.

I want to try and post news more regularly now. I’ve been slacking recently, so I apologise for that.

The future holds only good things!

Posted by: Ty

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