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January 10th, 2003 13:02 Latest News

Happy Birthday Newts!

As if you hadn’t guessed by now, it is Newts’s 19th birthday today, so I hope you’ll all join me in wishing him a very happy birthday!


Hope you all like the SO screenshot too. Don’t ask about the demo, please :P I’m too busy with uni work to finish it off, but what there is is quite playable. Just ask Newts :P

We’ll keep you posted :)

Posted by: Ty

December 23rd, 2002 13:13 Latest News

Brief Demo Update…

Yeah, so I’ve missed the deadline by a long way :P

I’m currently sorting out the battle menus, as they’re a little bit screwed at the moment. Don’t know how long it will take, but hopefully it won’t be too long. I also have to implement a few enemy attacks and some magic spells.

Aside from all that, I have 2 more maps to finish and a few elements to add to SODA, and then the demo should be ready. I hope. Maybe.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope you won’t be let down by the final product :)

Posted by: Ty

December 20th, 2002 13:14 Latest News


Yeah, so we missed the deadline :P

Hopefully it should be out tomorrow, once I get the stupid path-finding to work :)


Posted by: Ty

December 19th, 2002 13:18 Latest News

One day away!

Yep, tomorrow is the big day – Demo 4 of Shining Online will be released to the public before tomorrow is out! To celebrate this, Ty and I are hosting something of a party in #tss, our chatroom, and every SO fan is invited!

The party officially starts at 10pm GMT, but we’ll probably be in there before, so pop in at any time and enjoy the spectacle :P

Full details can be found here, so make sure you know how to get in to get the most out of release day!

So, the calm before the storm…

Keep the faith!

Posted by: Newts

December 19th, 2002 13:15 Latest News

Brief Status Update…

Only a day to go, so how are things going?

Movement ranges fully implemented.

About to attack the enemy!

Judge for yourself :)

There’s still plenty to do, so I should probably stop posting news and get back to work :P

Posted by: Ty