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August 23rd, 2001 04:00 Latest News

Music III – The Proof Of The Pudding

Well if you go to Shining Online homepage then you’ll be able to sample the fruits of my loin… er endeavours ::P I hope you all enjoy it! And there’s plenty more to come too :)

Posted by: Newts

August 22nd, 2001 03:00 Latest News


I’ve recorded the Vagabond theme and it’s actually saved properly, i.e. it uses the correct voices, so I think I’ll be ok to stop work on that one now :) It’s a nice little harpsichord melody with strings just to add some bass and mood to it :) I’m quite proud of it myself, it’s the first tune I’ve ever written :)

I’ve also finished the “game saved” jingle – just a little choir piece, again with strings. Nothing much but then it is only to confirm your game is saved ::P

On a similar theme I’m working on the church theme which [shock horror] isn’t played with a booming church organ! It’s for a quieter, less forceful organ, so the church is a bit more serene, more peaceful as it were :) So that tune’s going well.

I’ve got two more but they’re firmly rooted in my “work in progress” section – a sad piano piece and a twinkling synth piece for Astronima. I have the basic idea up there *taps temple*, and as I had a day off today I’m looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow :)

I bet I’ve already gone on for far too long but that’s me ::P I’ll post again if owt new happens. Arrivederce!


Posted by: Newts