Shining Online

April 29th, 2003 12:54 Project News

Goin’ down a storm

Demo 3B was given an exclusive chat-only release this past Sunday to an audience of about five :P Despite the disappointing end to Official Demo Day, with only one [very rough] demo released, enthusiasm for the projects is still as high as ever.

Rabid excitement ensued the upload as Acebloke and Seanikins struggled to become the first player to *ever* beat the infamous first battle… and Seanikins came through in fine style, proving once and for all why he’s the game’s number one fan. We’re currently devising a nice prize for him, whilst Acebloke gets nothing for being second, except this piece of advice – if you want to stand a chance next time, try upgrading your computer once every ten years :P

Devlyn is expecting to release SMEE sometime near the end of the month, replete with new features and a brand spanking new interface. As for the other projects, feel free to quiz their creators over at Ye Olde Blah :)

We don’t know when we’ll be uploading the *real* Demo 4, but it won’t be for a while yet. Hate to tease you all like this, but it’ll be worth the wait… just ask Seanikins :)

Keep the faith!

Posted by: Newts

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