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April 4th, 2003 15:16 Project News

Fan art competition

As you know, Demo 4 is going to be released in just over three weeks, and to celebrate we’re hosting an official Shining Online Fan Art competition!

All you have to do is draw and submit your own piece of SOnline fanart and email it to me here. All art will be displayed on the website in a special fan art gallery, and the best piece will be picked by Ty, Hannah [she’ll be here :P] and myself on April 25th, with the winner getting a very special, as-yet unnamed prize. How mysterious!

Rules and regulations.

Please, try to keep pictures small. Ideally, we’d like artwork to be in PNG format, but for anyone who can’t do that, save your work as a BMP file and use WinZip to compress it, then send it along to me.

Feel free to use any available tools, but you Photoshoppers will be marked down for using lens flares without good cause :P

Please, be original! Use your imagination when thinking of situations, landscapes and even characters – we don’t just want a dozen pictures of Cody standing still, put some action in there! Art is as much about imagination as ability.

The decision of the judges is final, but bribes are welcome :P

Finally, have fun, and good luck!

The winner will be picked on April the 25th, 2003. You have until then to email your work to me, so get drawing!

Posted by: Newts

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