Shining Online

October 9th, 2013 02:05 Development Diary

Project Update – October 8th, 2013

I’m afraid it’s another boring update. The last few weeks have brought some good progress, and it’s starting to feel like the seed of a game is in there somewhere. There’s still a very long way to go, but each week brings a little more functionality. Recent changes to the engine include:

  • A new camera system for the town — Previously it automatically centered on the player’s character, but if you’ve played Shining Force II you’ll know the camera has an almost elastic quality to it. It took a while to get everything working the way I wanted it to, but it’s pretty faithful to Shining Force II.
  • An NPC — They don’t move (yet), but I plan to add path-based movement so the game can finally have people walking around.
  • Something interactive — The first level now contains a treasure chest that can be inspected. Nothing happens in the game, but internally it recognizes the action and can keep track of if it’s been opened. It’s all data-driven, too, so nearly all the behaviour comes from the scripting system. There’s a lot more to add to this part of the engine, but the basics are there and seem to work quite well.

That’s it for now. I promise the next update will have something to look at!

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